Rundown on the Best Games of 2014

The year 2014 had already come to a close, but there were a lot of video games that satisfy gamers and critics. With that, here is the list of some of the best video games of the year 2014:

  1. This War of Mine

Most video games that take place in war-torn areas, you play as either an elite soldier or a commander. But in This War of Mine, the story focuses on the entirely different perspective of war. In the game, you play as the leader of a pack of survivors taking refuge in a dilapidated shelter.

  1. Far Cry 4

The fourth instalment of the Far Cry series takes you on a mission to the fictional country of Kyrat to travel the exotic lands to defeat the blonde-headed tyrannical Pagan Min and his evil army of soldiers. In Far Cry 4, there is a lot of exploration this time around, coupled with a lot of action-packed battles.

  1. Dark Souls II

Gamers can keep saying it’s the hardest and most relentless video game in the market, but there is no denying that Dark Souls II is one enjoyable action-and-adventure third-person game. You play as any of the classes and set out to vanquish minions and deadly bosses. The good thing about Dark Souls II is that the game reduces the number of monsters on the spot where you die repeatedly, so it makes the game a little more forgiving.

  1. Super Smash Bros.

The popular beat-em-up game from Nintendo is back, and this time with a slew of new characters. In the newest version of Smash Bros., you can now play not just classic Nintendo characters such as Mario and Link, but you can also play non-Nintendo characters such as Pac-man and Megaman. Plus, the newest feature in this Nintendo game is the ability to create your own fighter and send them out to the ring.

  1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The latest instalment to the Call of Duty franchise has gotten even better with more realistic graphics and action-packed campaigns. With the introduction of the armor called the exosuit, you can now jump higher in the air, scale buildings and punch enemies right into a brick wall. On top of that, the multi-player feature is as astounding as the previous Call of Duty instalments.

  1. Alien Isolation

In this survival-horror game, you play the role of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley from Alien. Fifteen years have passed since the events of the film and Amanda is now all alone in a spaceship littered with malevolent aliens. The combination of horror and action is more intense, as you try to make your way through the ship in order to recover a black box recorder – and eventually try to get back alive.

  1. Papers, Please

No one ever thought that doing a simple routine as processing paperwork can be a great game objective. In this one-developer simulation game, you play the role of an immigrations officer who must screen applicants trying to cross the border to the city of Arstotzkha. There are a lot of moral dilemmas in the midst of mundane tasks, so get ready to make painful decisions.

A Starter Guide For Bitcoin Slots Games

Throughout gambling history, slot machines have become the very symbol of casino gambling. Slot machines are among the easiest casino games to play. They are also the most basic. The anticipation of when you’re going to hit the right combination, as well as the fairly considerable jackpots makes slot machines truly a thrilling experience.

Back in the day, you insert a coin and pull a lever down. The slot machine begins to spin for a while,after which, different pictures appear. A specific combination is required to win prizes, including the jackpot. If the right the pictures line up in the middle line, tokens/coins come out. You can then exchange the tokens for your prize, or get the jackpot itself.

With the Internet though, slots have become even more inviting, mostly due to their accessibility and availability. Various operators of online slot machines have emerged as well. Some online casinos offer slot machines as side games, and some operate sites that are dedicated to slot machines. Just like traditional slot machines, online slot machines make use of your credit card. Another new technology is bound to change the landscape yet again though – crypto currencies such as Bitcoins. There are now a lot of online casinos started accepting Bitcoins for wagers, instead of credit cards. In online and online casinos, you are given a number of turns depending on the amount that you have deposited. Each turn spins the slot machine, although unlike traditional pokies driven by mechanical force, software will take care of the process. If similar pictures are in a specific pattern, you obviously win.However, instead of tokens/coins pouring out, your account receives a specific amount of Bitcoins. You can find a list of online casinos offering such games at

online gambling reviews are a big part of choosing the right place to bet your money. Online casino reviews provide an unbiased look into the payouts and fairness of the games. A good gambling online site can help players from losing money or having it stollen. Online casinos bring a lot of advantages for gamers. For starters, it allows anonymity. You only need an email address and a username to be able to start playing. There is also the guarantee of provable odds and provable fairness, which refers to the gamer’s ability to examine the cryptocurrency’s hash functions and check whether the game he is playing is still the one triggered when he placed the bets. This means that if you do decide to use Bitcoin casino sites, you will have more power to make informed assessments of risks, and you are sure that you won’t be ripped off.

When playing pokies, keep in mind that there are two major types: straight and progressive casino jackpot pokies. Straight pokies have an established payout that amount that pretty much stays the same. However, the payout for progressive machines varies depending on how much the machines are played. The more games played in it, the higher the jackpot amount. Sometimes, online casinos set up the slots in such a way that they are linked together in one system, and the money or bitcoins placed in each machine affects the total jackpot amount. If you do desire to play straights, you may be able to get more games out of your deposits. So if you’re looking for more opportunities to start the machine, it’s better to opt for straights. The jackpot for progressives is pretty tempting though, but it’s better to opt for them when the amount is already starting to pile up.

Online Gambling Games: Tips on How to Play

Online casino games are fun and convenient. You can play anytime, anywhere, and for as long as you want. What’s more, you can enjoy your game in the comfort of your own home. There is no need for you to get dressed, drive or commute, and endure noisy crowds. You will also avoid incurring additional expenses.

Nonetheless, there are certain rules you have to follow if you want to win and have a great time. For instance, you should choose your online casino games wisely. With this being said, you should also choose a good online casino. Today, there are lots of online casinos. Unfortunately, not all of them are legitimate.

Keep in mind that legitimate casinos offer fair games and pay out winnings promptly. Ideally, you should choose an online casino that has a good reputation. Of course, it should also be licensed by governmental authorities, such as the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority. It should also have an eCOGRA Seal of Approval.

Once you have chosen an online casino, you should not hesitate to accept gifts. A lot of online casinos offer welcome packages, gifts, bonuses, and promotions. You should take advantage of these freebies so you can have more fun.

Before you begin wagering your money, see to it that you also know about the various banking methods online. Online casinos generally accept online payments, debit cards, credit cards, money transfers, and pre-pay cards. You should choose a payment method that is reliable and most convenient for you.

As for the online casino games, you can choose from the likes of online roulette, online video poker, and online slots. There are numerous games you can choose from, but each one has its own set of rules that you need to learn and follow. Although you can play as many games as you like, it is best to focus on a single game to avoid getting distracted.

Make sure that you also manage your bankroll. Remember that even though you are playing an online casino game, you are gambling real money. Hence, you need to have a plan in case you lose. To avoid incurring a lot of debt, you should create a budget and only gamble money that you can afford to lose.

Furthermore, you have to know your limits. When it comes to gambling, you need a good strategy. However, you cannot always guarantee your winning no matter how good your game plan is. There are times when you will lose, so you should know when to stop. Ideally, you should quit while you are still ahead.

Winning can be exciting, but it can also cause you to gamble more than you can afford to. If you do not control yourself, you can even have a gambling problem. This is why it is best to quit while you still can. Do not spend all your money on online casino games. After you have won and achieved your goal, you should stop and get on with the rest of your day.