The Order 1886 is a third-person shooter video game developed by Ready at Dawn and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was launched as one of the first video games for Sony’s latest console, so expectations were high.

The story begins in the city of London at an alternate Victorian period where half-human, half-animal monsters terrorize the city. In order to keep the city away from these monsters, an order of knights serve to vanquish the monsters and protect the city’s residents. Centuries before the incident, King Arthur and the Round Table already made attempts to vanquish the monsters. Unfortunately, King Arthur and his order of knights are facing a losing battle in the war against the numerous hordes. During the events, the group discovered Blackwater, a mysterious material that possesses powerful healing abilities. Going back to 1886, the city is under attack by both the hordes of monsters and the rebel insurgents.

In the game, you play the role of Sir Galahad, one of the Knights in the Round Table. With the help from tech genius Nikola Tesla, you must fight the rebels and monsters while you seek to unravel the origin of the threats. The story is quite short, but it has a lot of beautiful and authentic cinematic scenes, with the characters acting very well during conversations and cut-scenes.

Graphics-wise, The Order 1886 showcases the full graphic capabilities of the Playstation 4. The London setting is pretty spot-on, with the game looking more like a cut-scene motion picture. There is full texture and detail in every surrounding, from the Victorian houses to the London streets. The game also adds cinematic lighting and surface effects to emphasize the game’s graphics. Overall, the graphics are as good as the game showcases.

As for the game’s sound, this is where The Order 1886 stands out. The sound changes to suit game scenes or situations. The game developers add orchestral sounds to emphasize the depressing mood during cut-scenes or the heart-pounding action during combat. Not to mention, the sound effects are also pretty good, as the effects time perfectly well with each action such as a crash when a window breaks or gunshot upon firing a pistol.

Gameplay-wise, The Order 1886 is a third-person shooter and it delivers what it promises. Although it feels like a copy of Gears of War, this video game has its own strengths. For one, the weapons are brilliant for shooting, with innovative items such as the Arc Gun which shoots bolts of electricity. The game also allows you to employ stealth tactics when you don’t feel like taking fire against enemies.

Besides stealth and combat, you can also play detective as you investigate documents and interrogate story characters. Otherwise, your main role is to kill assigned antagonists and retrieve items. There are also quick-time events in situations such as run-cover-shoot tactic. Investigation also makes use of the quick-time events. In a nutshell, The Order 1886 is a mixture of stealth, combat, and detective work.