Video games have its origin as far back as the late 1950’s, where scholars incorporated games and artificial intelligence with their studies. However, it has not been publicly used until the year 1970’s and 1980’s since the entertainment market was dominated by arcade videos and home computer games. Now, it seems that every household with a kid that is old enough to play and understand will contain video games. Below is a brief history of video games:


Using an oscilloscope (a device used to produce a visual display for corresponding electrical signal); Willy Higinbotham invented the so called “first video game”. The game is likened to a table tennis game.


An MIT student by the name of Steve Russell, created Spacewar, the first interactive computer game.


Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney attempted to create an arcade version of Spacewar, which they called Computer space.


Release of the first commercial arcade game Computer Space.


Nolan Bunshell, developer of Computer space, left his previouscompany and releases his own game called PONG.

The same year, the first home video game is release and was called Odyssey      .


The Atari Video Computer system is release, with a system enabling the use of removable cartridges that allows different games to be played in one hardware. It was later known as Atrari 2600


Electronic Games, the first video game magazine was released


Alex Pajitnov released the popular Tetriswhich was played on a personal computer


Game Boy has been released, the first handheld game console. Handheld videogames was also debuted that year, including the popular Sega and Atari Lynx, which is the first handheld with a colored LLCD display.


Senators Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Herbert Kohl of Wisconsin launch a Senate investigation into violence in video games due to its violent nature.

The video game companies released 3D versions of their beloved games, but received a warm reception among customers


Play station has been introduced at the U.S


The Tamagotchi, a virtual pet that you take care of, became so popular in Japan.


The state of Arizona tried to restrict the distribution of violent video games among minors. The bill was not approved.


The Playstation 2 has been released. On the same year, the video game The Sims was also released to become the best selling personal computer game ever.


The DS has been released, a device that has two screens with one that can be used as a touch screen for a more advanced video game experience.


Video games have taken a different route using smart phones and tablets. Mobile phones became home for video gaming. It has been popularly used especially for its efficiency and portability. Companies started to catch up, and started developing games for mobile phones. However, since the release of smart phones, game applications quickly rivaled the video games developed by the larger companies. Such games include the popular Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Minecraft and Temple Run


The Wii becomes the bestselling video game of all time, trumping the previous record holder, Super Mario Brothers.