Rundown on the Best Games of 2014

The year 2014 had already come to a close, but there were a lot of video games that satisfy gamers and critics. With that, here is the list of some of the best video games of the year 2014:

  1. This War of Mine

Most video games that take place in war-torn areas, you play as either an elite soldier or a commander. But in This War of Mine, the story focuses on the entirely different perspective of war. In the game, you play as the leader of a pack of survivors taking refuge in a dilapidated shelter.

  1. Far Cry 4

The fourth instalment of the Far Cry series takes you on a mission to the fictional country of Kyrat to travel the exotic lands to defeat the blonde-headed tyrannical Pagan Min and his evil army of soldiers. In Far Cry 4, there is a lot of exploration this time around, coupled with a lot of action-packed battles.

  1. Dark Souls II

Gamers can keep saying it’s the hardest and most relentless video game in the market, but there is no denying that Dark Souls II is one enjoyable action-and-adventure third-person game. You play as any of the classes and set out to vanquish minions and deadly bosses. The good thing about Dark Souls II is that the game reduces the number of monsters on the spot where you die repeatedly, so it makes the game a little more forgiving.

  1. Super Smash Bros.

The popular beat-em-up game from Nintendo is back, and this time with a slew of new characters. In the newest version of Smash Bros., you can now play not just classic Nintendo characters such as Mario and Link, but you can also play non-Nintendo characters such as Pac-man and Megaman. Plus, the newest feature in this Nintendo game is the ability to create your own fighter and send them out to the ring.

  1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The latest instalment to the Call of Duty franchise has gotten even better with more realistic graphics and action-packed campaigns. With the introduction of the armor called the exosuit, you can now jump higher in the air, scale buildings and punch enemies right into a brick wall. On top of that, the multi-player feature is as astounding as the previous Call of Duty instalments.

  1. Alien Isolation

In this survival-horror game, you play the role of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley from Alien. Fifteen years have passed since the events of the film and Amanda is now all alone in a spaceship littered with malevolent aliens. The combination of horror and action is more intense, as you try to make your way through the ship in order to recover a black box recorder – and eventually try to get back alive.

  1. Papers, Please

No one ever thought that doing a simple routine as processing paperwork can be a great game objective. In this one-developer simulation game, you play the role of an immigrations officer who must screen applicants trying to cross the border to the city of Arstotzkha. There are a lot of moral dilemmas in the midst of mundane tasks, so get ready to make painful decisions.

A Starter Guide For Bitcoin Slots Games

Throughout gambling history, slot machines have become the very symbol of casino gambling. Slot machines are among the easiest casino games to play. They are also the most basic. The anticipation of when you’re going to hit the right combination, as well as the fairly considerable jackpots makes slot machines truly a thrilling experience.

Back in the day, you insert a coin and pull a lever down. The slot machine begins to spin for a while,after which, different pictures appear. A specific combination is required to win prizes, including the jackpot. If the right the pictures line up in the middle line, tokens/coins come out. You can then exchange the tokens for your prize, or get the jackpot itself.

With the Internet though, slots have become even more inviting, mostly due to their accessibility and availability. Various operators of online slot machines have emerged as well. Some online casinos offer slot machines as side games, and some operate sites that are dedicated to slot machines. Just like traditional slot machines, online slot machines make use of your credit card. Another new technology is bound to change the landscape yet again though – crypto currencies such as Bitcoins. There are now a lot of online casinos started accepting Bitcoins for wagers, instead of credit cards. In online and online casinos, you are given a number of turns depending on the amount that you have deposited. Each turn spins the slot machine, although unlike traditional pokies driven by mechanical force, software will take care of the process. If similar pictures are in a specific pattern, you obviously win.However, instead of tokens/coins pouring out, your account receives a specific amount of Bitcoins. You can find a list of online casinos offering such games at

online gambling reviews are a big part of choosing the right place to bet your money. Online casino reviews provide an unbiased look into the payouts and fairness of the games. A good gambling online site can help players from losing money or having it stollen. Online casinos bring a lot of advantages for gamers. For starters, it allows anonymity. You only need an email address and a username to be able to start playing. There is also the guarantee of provable odds and provable fairness, which refers to the gamer’s ability to examine the cryptocurrency’s hash functions and check whether the game he is playing is still the one triggered when he placed the bets. This means that if you do decide to use Bitcoin casino sites, you will have more power to make informed assessments of risks, and you are sure that you won’t be ripped off.

When playing pokies, keep in mind that there are two major types: straight and progressive casino jackpot pokies. Straight pokies have an established payout that amount that pretty much stays the same. However, the payout for progressive machines varies depending on how much the machines are played. The more games played in it, the higher the jackpot amount. Sometimes, online casinos set up the slots in such a way that they are linked together in one system, and the money or bitcoins placed in each machine affects the total jackpot amount. If you do desire to play straights, you may be able to get more games out of your deposits. So if you’re looking for more opportunities to start the machine, it’s better to opt for straights. The jackpot for progressives is pretty tempting though, but it’s better to opt for them when the amount is already starting to pile up.

Where to Spend your Bitcoins

Due to today’s need for physical currency for physical goods, the early days of Bitcoin were in a stretch. Unless someone is planning on shopping online, it is quite hard for society to accept that such a currency can actually be used. Now, there are various places to spend your Bitcoins. Here are some.


First on our list is Snapcard, a website created for paying online with your Bitcoins. Your wallet will be connected here and in a flash, your bitcoins can be sent to pay for that item that you want. Using Snapcard, you will be able to turn any online payment into a bitcoin purchase.


Did you say shopping? Overstock has hundreds of items on sale for all shopaholics. Of course, you can also use your Bitcoins to pay for your shopping. This was the first major business to apply Bitcoin for online payments. Shopping, shopping and shopping!

Newegg and Tiger Direct

For all those technology geeks out there, these are two of the must-see websites for you. From computer parts to gadgets, they have everything. After shopping for that newest gadget that you wanted, as well as that one part that you need to make your laptop good as new, you may as well pay using your Bitcoin wallet. It’s easier and faster, what more are you looking for?


Is your special someone having a birthday soon? Are you looking for that perfect gift for them? Look no further, here comes Gyft! They have digital eCards and even eGifts, all for the happiness of that someone. They’d surely be happy, knowing that you’re giving it everything you’ve got. You don’t need to have a credit card, just pay it using your Bitcoin wallet, and you’re done.


Do you want to travel? Are you planning to spend that holiday elsewhere? Here’s the right place! Expedia enables you to book your flight, choose your desired departure and arrival, and find a hotel near your airport, all in one website. Everything you need when you travel is right here. Just open your bitcoin wallet and you’re good to go!

King’s College

Are you looking for a place for your children to study? According to New York Times, King’s College will be accepting tuition fees in Bitcoin. King’s College is located in London and is an accredited university.


Are you an earring fanatic? Well, you’re in luck because Lurings now accepts Bitcoins for payment of your chosen earrings. Lurings features earrings of all shapes and sizes, perfect for your earring craving. Pay your desired earrings using your Bitcoin wallet and it’s done.


Not everything should be spent on shopping, right? There is always the option of donation. You can always donate on your local charity using your Bitcoins. You could convert them back to your local currency then donate, or just donate them directly as Bitcoins. There are online charity services that accept Bitcoins, such as BitGiveFoundation.

These are not the only places where you can spend your Bitcoins. There are hundreds of other stores that accept Bitcoin purchases. You only need to know what you want, and finding the right store would be easy.

Bitcoin – Things You Must KnowAnd Everything In Between

Up until recently, Bitcoin has been an often used word. But what exactly is bitcoin? Is it safe to use?

Bitcoin is a special type of currency used today by business owners and buyers alike during transaction. Instead of using credit cards and cash, you may now payusing an application from your phone, online or offline.

What are the advantages of using Bitcoin?

One of the benefits of using bitcoin is its efficiency. Bitcoin payment only consists of two steps: One, scan. Two, pay. Every transaction you make is secured by a special databasespecifically designed for bitcoin transactions. Once a transaction has been made with a particular bitcoin, no other purchases will be done with the same code of that previous transaction. One of the strengths of bitcoin is that it is harder to be used without the owner’s consent. It can be used anytime and anywhere, and transactions across different places, even countries can be made in a matter of minutes, as you will no longer have the need to go to banks or third party providers. The fee is also much smaller as compared to credit card use, and the higher the amount of the transaction, the lesser fee it will incur.

You heard that Bitcoin may be a form of investment, is this true?

Bitcoin is a relatively new digital currency, and as with all investments, may require careful consideration as its main key is also digital. Once the digital key is misplaced, there is no way in which the bitcoins can be used. The exchange rate also varies from time to time, and fluctuates on a continuous manner. One should always understand the risk of placingtheir money into Bitcoins.Investors must understand that Bitcoins is a new concept as compared to several investment tools out in the market today. Though it is gaining popularity among the masses, know that once bitcoin currency has become more stabilized investing on it may be a sure recommendation. However, in the meantime, it is best to invest money that you cannot afford to lose and have a viable exit plan once higher risks and losses are involved.

How can I start using Bitcoin?

They say a bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Thus, make sure that you are informed about Bitcoin and how it exactly works. Next, choose the “wallet” that you will be using. Your wallet will act as storage for all your credentials with the use of the bitcoin system. You may now get bitcoins by accepting them as a payment or buying them from someone. You may also spend you bitcoins accordingly, as they are now widely accepted worldwide.

What else do I need to know about Bitcoin?

Privacy and security are the number one priority. Make sure that you take good care of securing your wallet. It is also advisable to back up any information on a secured system. Keep in mind that Bitcoin prices fluctuate. It is considered a high risk form of investment. Thus, savings that will be used for more important expenses should not be kept at Bitcoin. Also remember that transactions using this currency are irreversible. Once done, they can only be refunded by the receiver. Make sure that transactions are done with reputable companies and business owners.

A Primer ToBitcoin Poker

Online poker is one of the top online casino games worldwide.If you’re a newbie or veteran, online poker is one game that you will have fun with. It provides fast paced and competitive gameplay. Poker is also one of the most time-consuming card games, and it takes great skill and patience. This is why if you are looking to play, you should know what you’re in for. It is also one of the games were you can easily join plenty of online tournaments.

A free roll tournament is gaining popularity among gamblers these days. The good thing about this is that you don’t have to bet real money. You can use cryptocurrency instead.Bitcoin, in particular can handle it for you. In a free roll tournament, you are typically not required to deposit any amount of Bitcoins. All you have to do is sign up and you can immediately play poker.

Certain versions of Poker were conceived in the United States, but the game in general has 16th century Persian origins. Back then, it was called “As Nas”. The 1800s in New Orleans shaped the card game as it is known for today. As time passed by, the rules of the game have changed and the strategies modified to increase winnings.

The 1990’s saw the birth of online poker. The first online poker room was established in 1998. The game became more accessible to a wider audience. Various tournaments emerged worldwide, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, which is not surprising because it was already popular even before the birth of the Internet. However, it gained insane amounts of popularity because of accessibility due to the Internet. In 2004, Chris Moneymaker won a million dollars in the first ever online live tournament.

With the emergence of Bitcoin, and internet access, online poker games are bound to experience yet another upsurge. In addition to your location no longer limiting you, the virtual poker table also offers a better playing field among players. In real world poker, you are most likely to have to use a poker face and keep your composure. In online poker, you can rage and rant all you want since other players have no idea what you look like at the moment. It has become so popular that it is now said to be the number one preferred game in the United Kingdom.Some eeteran poker players even resort to virtual poker.

With the power of the Internet, poker has become even more popular at it is now easier to find other players. You will be able to play with a lot of people from around the world. As long as a person has Internet, they can access online poker at the comfort of their own homes.Now, it is understandable that you might be a bit hesitant to try typical online casinos due to security concerns. With bitcoin casino, however, the risks are reduced, not just because of the security of the network, but because of Provable Fairness systems.

Provable fairness gives gamblers with something that was never considered possible. The honesty of gambling sites can now be easily verified without the reliance on a site’s RNG (Random Number Generator). Gamblers using Bitcoin should always keep this in mind whenever they decide to place bets on some online casinos. Provable fairness can help gamblers garner significant profits without the fear of being cheated by online casinos.

Do you know the History of Video Games?

Video games have its origin as far back as the late 1950’s, where scholars incorporated games and artificial intelligence with their studies. However, it has not been publicly used until the year 1970’s and 1980’s since the entertainment market was dominated by arcade videos and home computer games. Now, it seems that every household with a kid that is old enough to play and understand will contain video games. Below is a brief history of video games:


Using an oscilloscope (a device used to produce a visual display for corresponding electrical signal); Willy Higinbotham invented the so called “first video game”. The game is likened to a table tennis game.


An MIT student by the name of Steve Russell, created Spacewar, the first interactive computer game.


Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney attempted to create an arcade version of Spacewar, which they called Computer space.


Release of the first commercial arcade game Computer Space.


Nolan Bunshell, developer of Computer space, left his previouscompany and releases his own game called PONG.

The same year, the first home video game is release and was called Odyssey      .


The Atari Video Computer system is release, with a system enabling the use of removable cartridges that allows different games to be played in one hardware. It was later known as Atrari 2600


Electronic Games, the first video game magazine was released


Alex Pajitnov released the popular Tetriswhich was played on a personal computer


Game Boy has been released, the first handheld game console. Handheld videogames was also debuted that year, including the popular Sega and Atari Lynx, which is the first handheld with a colored LLCD display.


Senators Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Herbert Kohl of Wisconsin launch a Senate investigation into violence in video games due to its violent nature.

The video game companies released 3D versions of their beloved games, but received a warm reception among customers


Play station has been introduced at the U.S


The Tamagotchi, a virtual pet that you take care of, became so popular in Japan.


The state of Arizona tried to restrict the distribution of violent video games among minors. The bill was not approved.


The Playstation 2 has been released. On the same year, the video game The Sims was also released to become the best selling personal computer game ever.


The DS has been released, a device that has two screens with one that can be used as a touch screen for a more advanced video game experience.


Video games have taken a different route using smart phones and tablets. Mobile phones became home for video gaming. It has been popularly used especially for its efficiency and portability. Companies started to catch up, and started developing games for mobile phones. However, since the release of smart phones, game applications quickly rivaled the video games developed by the larger companies. Such games include the popular Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Minecraft and Temple Run


The Wii becomes the bestselling video game of all time, trumping the previous record holder, Super Mario Brothers.

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